Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Never Forget The Neck!

    The neck is one of those forgotten areas, until it starts to sag.  The delicate skin on the neck needs just as much attention as the skin on your face.  When people ask me how old I think they are, I don't necessarily look at their face.  Obviously these individuals have been very attentive to the skin on their face.  I look at their neck, decolletage (chest), and hands.

                                 Are you looking at yours right now?

    When applying product to the face, always feather down into the neck.  If your chest area is now a concern, apply more product to this area.  Any product that is used on the face can be used on the neck and chest. If using a Retinol or Tretinoin, it may be wise to dilute this ingredient with your moisturizer to avoid irritation.

The best system that I have encountered is the Elastiderm Decolletage by Obagi Medical. These products will address wrinkles, as well as pigment issues in a short amount of time.  To strengthen the area between the chin and collar bone, there is an exercise that can be done. The first exercise can be done at any time during the day as many times as you want. Tilt your head back, and jut your bottom jaw back and forth 10 times.  Repeat.  The second requires you to lay down on the floor, with your knees bent. Grab your inner thighs, and pull up rounding your head and neck into your chest. Let go of your thighs, and place hands about 4 inches above the ground. Pulse hands up and down until you count to 100. This exercise is not as easy as the first, but do whatever you are comfortable with.

As always, Live Life Beautifully!
Pennie DeVore
-Licensed Medical Esthetician

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