Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Power of Retinol

   Retinol is the number one anti-aging ingredient in the world.  It is an alcohol derivative of vitamin A. Vitamin A is responsible for creating dead skin cells, this action chemically forces exfoliation. The action doesn't stop at the surface, it also exfoliates down through the follicle. This is why dermatologists will prescribe a retinoid, ( Differin, Retin-A, Tazorac, etc.) to their acne patients. Retinoids are an acid derivative of vitamin A, much more aggressive.

    Retinol tends to be less irritating, and when using a product for the long term, my feeling is progression without aggression
. I like to slowly acclimate my clients, starting use every other night for a couple of weeks, then proceed to an every night application.
More is not better when it comes to retinol, just a pea size amount will do the trick. Application is done at night only, not twice a day. When absorbing product into the skin, please stay a pinky's width away from the corners of the mouth, and not too close to the delicate tissue around the eye.

So are you still asking yourself, "Why should I use retinol?"
    For adolescents, or anyone dealing with acne, topically applied retinol will erase the dry skin barrier from the surface allowing the backed up oil and dead skin cells to rise up to the surface and be washed away. This action is called purging and that is why the condition may temporarily worsen, before it improves.
For anti-aging purposes the reason is, chronological aging. As we age the period of time when a skin cell actually divides and moves towards the surface, to exfoliate, slowly grows from a 28 day cycle to a longer and longer span of time. This process is nature's way of exercising the skin. I always compare this to our body and exercise. When exercising your muscles they stay strong and tight, stop, and we all know what happens. The same applies to our skin, without chemically forcing this action to continue at a rapid pace the integrity of our collagen and elastin will diminish. Vitamin A is also an antioxidant, which helps to neutralize free radical damage looking to create unhealthy cells.
   There are two things that I must warn you about Retinol...
  • Number 1 - This product will make you more sun sensitive, therefore, use of a daily sunscreen is a must.
  • Number 2 - Retinol and waxing do not mix. If waxing is your choice of facial hair removal, you need to stop Retinol one week prior to your waxing appointment. I'm sure a lot of you wish you knew that before your skin was pulled off, along with the hair and wax. So please pass the word, people really don't know.
Until next time, live your life more Beautifully!!!
<3 Pennie DeVore

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