Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Changes in the Cosmetic Industry

    Today's clients are more time-sensitive than any other in history.  Facial services must seamlessly melt into her day, at the office, or evening plans.  The cosmetic industry has evolved around this request of instant gratification, with no downtime for re-cooperation. This new trend is called, Non-Surgical Facelifts.  Services that will allow our client to see instant visible change and be back to her normal routine the same day.
    The combination of injectables, will smooth out lines and restore volume and lift to improve overall facial contour and texture. Additional tightening can be achieved with the use of infra-red, or ultrasound technology. Many cosmetic offices and medical spas have reported skyrocketing numbers for these desired services. At, Awaken Medical Spa, we have Rejuvenation Packages that cost significantly lower than traditional facelift surgery. Imagine being back to the office the same day, pain free. I've seen miraculous results, it's amazing!
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Katie Williams
-Licensed Esthetician & Make Up Artist

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